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c.súnkwe island
c.w7el tilt
c.wecsqéxe7tn range
c.wecwtén̓ usual abode or...
c.wék̓le7cwu dig a pit for baking
c.wek̓wens to make a pit
c.wék̓wes make a pit
c.wek̓wle7cwem to dig a pit for baking
c.welán̓k-e,-es light a kindling...
c.welán̓ktn kindling
c.welém̓ make fire (inside) pit
c.wélens tilt (he/she tilts it)
c.welén̓kten piece of pitchwood...
c.welepsáke7 horn spoon
c.wellqwmín̓ cooking vessel,...
c.welptém̓ burnt on inside,...
c.welqín̓e light a smoke (tobacco)
c.weltém̓ inside bottom of pan...
c.wepúlecwu there are weeds (in...
c.wepwepéxe hair under arm
c.wetk̓el̓enkcne trip sb. (in wrestling)
c.wéts̓-e,-es extract marrow
c.wets̓ews cut up in pieces
c.wets̓éw̓s cut in half/split in...
c.wets̓ew̓s-e,-es cut in half
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Page 1 of 43, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,056 total

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