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e if, when (Note: e...
e stá7us e stséllt7uys no to get too cold
e stá7us e sxyep7úys not get too hot
e tsúntmes when we want
e yéws or
e7ewéns harrass sb. (verbally)
é7llq dig roots
é7llqes she dug for roots
e7wit last
èàsáts̓elk Balsam Root (Root)
èàselcweqs Teepee Point
èàselkanúpia7 Balsam Root Plant
èàséwe collar bone
ec happening now;...
ec r lleq̓méltes teacher
ecwt snowslide
egwt howl
éke7 branch, antlers;...
ékst arm, hand; direction
ék̓we fish roe
el (approximately) lo!,...
el7álk̓wt ache
elá7 get out of the way
elá7sts take out of the way;...
elk kinnikinnick berry
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Page 1 of 10, showing 25 record(s) out of 242 total

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