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elkéllp kinnikinnick bush,...
élkses work on stg.
elkst work
élk̓w-u,-es store away; bury
élk̓wete put away
elk̓wpál̓cke rheumatism
elk̓wstsíll-ne,-es store up food
elk̓wstsíllen to put away food
ell and, too
éllcw lodging, house,...
ellcwcén tracks run into...
éllp tree, bush, plant;...
elqw long object, tree,...
elt frozen up
elúcwe7 trigger of trap
el̓k̓ skin, blanket
el̓tcw sheet like objects;...
el̓tcw sheet like objects;...
emetép sit down under a tree
emétns call (by a name)
emetúl̓ecwes mention the name of...
emts7úy great-grandchild
emút sit down (sing.)
en7ánk̓wte have rheumatic pains
éne "this, here" (short...
preview Word Translation

Page 2 of 10, showing 25 record(s) out of 242 total

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