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preview Word Translation
enícwell alas!
enk̓wél̓cke have rheumatism
enk̓wt bent, twisted
en̓st edge, side
ep(e)láu canvas over load on...
ép̓e, ép̓es to wipe, to erase
ép̓ke7 eraser
ép̓kstme wipe your hands
ép̓kstme wipe hands
ep̓s towel
ép̓sme, ép̓seme wipe your face
ep̓t squeezed
ép̓tsetn napkin, serviette
ep̓xw choke with a fish bone
eqs nose, point; given...
eq̓wyéws/ uq̓wyéws siblings and cousins...
es- with regard to, in...
esctet̓e7pús black out as in faint
esk̓ét Alkali Lake Reserve
est-, -céw, -peték, -qúy (sudden, abrupt...
est.secép feeling ghosted;...
est7exték fit (as coat)
EstaímíÒetnes the hell with it
estcéw swish by
estcéy stop
preview Word Translation

Page 3 of 10, showing 25 record(s) out of 242 total

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