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estclle7íke fall on the back
estcpeg̓éqs arrive and find that...
estcpgep suddenly be empty, E...
estcrepéw̓s back on the road
estcsíts "so that it is tight"
estctet̓e7pús black out
estcucwíw wind howls
estcwékw become lighter
estcwek̓w relieved; light...
estcwel̓ (E en̓) also estcwén̓ smell, stink
estcwep blow up (as...
estcwets̓epcen̓ fall on the back...
estcwéy̓ disappear, be gone,...
estcwi7stés miss (unable to find)
esteck̓úl̓enk to gag
estekwékws go down, set (of sun)
estelpúcw pierce, go right...
estelúcw get stuck (in mud,...
estem̓tetkwe sit down in the water
estenllemúk̓w fall in with, get...
estíkw flash of light, spark
estilap See estyelehp, to...
EstíÒilíÒ to be still
estke7stes touch stg. suddenly
estkecstés knock stg. over,...
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Page 4 of 10, showing 25 record(s) out of 242 total

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