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estllepék fall in the snow
estlleqép come to the level of...
estllewéq come loose and fall...
EstllniítíÒs water spray from splash
estllúgw show up
estlluqtsín̓ fly open (door, lid...
estllúts fun off road, go in...
estmél̓(c) (E él̓c) appear briefly,...
estmetéq get dented
estmimyéq fall to one's knees
estmyeq one's knee twisted,...
estpeték flash by
estpík̓w chip flies off
estpúll splash into, dive in...
estpúq̓w fall down senseless,...
estp̓e7llexwce tracks run out of stg.
estp̓él fluid level reaches...
estp̓en̓llexw, estp̓e7lléxw go out (side)
estqellép get better, improve...
estqellqellép feel better; to...
estqelúcw bounce
estqets̓stés give sb. a fright
estqéy numb; black and blue
estqipstés startle/frighten sb.
estqíts̓ have stg. unexpected...
preview Word Translation

Page 6 of 10, showing 25 record(s) out of 242 total

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