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estqiyep suprised; startled
estqúy fly up in a...
estqw cedar Thuja plicata
estqwegq̓wég disappointed, disgusted
estqweqwistés embarrass
estqwéy̓ embarrassed
estqwíts sudden movement, twitch
estqwít̓.s break into a smile
estqwíw collapse from...
estqyép surprised
estq̓ís concentric ripples...
estq̓we7(k), estq̓wíy̓ burp
estq̓weg not do well enough
estq̓wí7 burped suddenly
estrép snap to an upright...
estsék̓ squirrel
estséq come to a stop, e.g....
estsíq̓ hit the shore
estslék̓ disappear suddenly
estsmóok̓w plunge in water
estsne whistle around
estsóol rise in a thin trail...
estsóol? rise in a thin trail...
ests̓elúcw land on one's feet
ests̓ewíq squeal, squeak
preview Word Translation

Page 7 of 10, showing 25 record(s) out of 242 total

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