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esxem̓ fish backbone, E ...
et7etíc feel sleepy
etép captain a canoe
etíc go to sleep
etícsts put to sleep, he...
etsqw-u,-es, c7étsqwu bake, as in bake a...
étsxe train (esp. train to...
ets̓eméts water parsnip Sium...
ewét what did he say (to...
ewít last, behind
ewll container
ewt See egwt
ew̓ll conveyance, vehicle,...
ew̓s/éw̓s surface; half, material
exqéy7tsu it was here all the...
exqéy̓7tsu expletive used when...
exték right, correct, fits
extekstes agree with, allow,...
exú7 cough
éxw-emne,-mes throw (plur.), throw...
exw7éxwemne horseshoe-pitching game
exwelc spawn
exwemnílte sundogs
exwmes to throw away; to...
ey yet, still
preview Word Translation

Page 9 of 10, showing 25 record(s) out of 242 total

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