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estcsíts "so that it is tight"
éne "this, here" (short...
el (approximately) lo!,...
est-, -céw, -peték, -qúy (sudden, abrupt...
el7álk̓wt ache
extekstes agree with, allow,...
enícwell alas!
esk̓ét Alkali Lake Reserve
ell and, too
éytses answer, talk back
estmél̓(c) (E él̓c) appear briefly,...
estwéy̓ appear suddenly
ékst arm, hand; direction
estcpeg̓éqs arrive and find that...
estcrepéw̓s back on the road
etsqw-u,-es, c7étsqwu bake, as in bake a...
èàsáts̓elk Balsam Root (Root)
èàselkanúpia7 Balsam Root Plant
estcwékw become lighter
enk̓wt bent, twisted
estctet̓e7pús black out
esctet̓e7pús black out as in faint
estcwep blow up (as...
estqelúcw bounce
éke7 branch, antlers;...
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 10, showing 25 record(s) out of 242 total

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