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getsém, getsetés to tie up, knit (nets)
getsetéke tie it
getsgétsen̓kes, cgetsgétse7kes tickle sb.'s...
getsméke7 something to tie...
getsmín tether
getssqéxe7tn, llcweqstn bridle
getsús-e7,-e7s tie (boat) to tree
géts̓et tough
gets̓t tough (hide),...
gets̓úcw sink (in water, mud,...
get̓ deep. g7å£t' "become...
get̓ (t) deep
get̓t deep
gex-ém, -etés, lléq̓es string up (a hide);...
géy-e,-es,-is pile up (as stones)
geyép angry
géygit angry
geyg̓it restless
geypetsut tantrum
geypey̓e moody, getting mad;...
geypmíns angry at sb.
geyt angry
geyú7 root of choclate...
geyú7 carrot
gipetsút fly into a rage
preview Word Translation

Page 2 of 3, showing 25 record(s) out of 72 total

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