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gyeqín̓ head of the gayú7
gyep/geyep mad
gwy-em,-etés do a sloppy job,...
gwutst something or an item...
gwitsín-e,-mes swear, curse, E tease
gwitsenméy̓e-m,-ns, gwitsenméy̓e, gwitsenméyemes talk mockingly of sb.
gwéts̓es oil, smear on
gwets̓e put cream on one's...
gwesgwesúl̓ecw sunny place
gwesgwesulecw sunny place
gwesgwést sunny
gwellq-úm,-wetés cook
gwellgwllúsel̓cke (E gwellgwllús) copper snake
gwellgwéllt shining, glittering;...
gw7us submerge
gw7ell glitter
guyt withered, tired
glgeletkwe strong water, fast...
gíw-e,-es pile up (heavy...
gít̓kstmes purposefully mean to...
gitéy̓e tantrum
gipstés make sb. angry
gipetsút fly into a rage
geyú7 root of choclate...
geyú7 carrot
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Page 1 of 3, showing 25 record(s) out of 72 total

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