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gegílc agitated, fidgety,...
geyép angry
géygit angry
geyt angry
gegipúll angry all the time
geypmíns angry at sb.
geg7ílcmes annoyed with sb.
gétget bird of prey...
g7ilc,-mes bothered, agitated,...
getssqéxe7tn, llcweqstn bridle
geyú7 carrot
gelléq collapse, cave in
gwellq-úm,-wetés cook
gwellgwllúsel̓cke (E gwellgwllús) copper snake
get̓ (t) deep
get̓t deep
g7et̓ deep, to form a...
get̓ deep. g7å£t' "become...
gwy-em,-etés do a sloppy job,...
gep dusk, sunset
gelgelátkwe fast running water
gelgelátlkwe fast running water
gipetsút fly into a rage
g7is get murky; to...
gw7ell glitter
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 3, showing 25 record(s) out of 72 total

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