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xlílep foundation, floor
tk̓wemíple7 handle; law, rule
íxwle7p broom
íxwe7 "might as well!";...
íxw-u,-es sweep
ixw suddenly
íts̓mes/íts̓ests cover sb. with a...
its̓me cover up
íts̓e cover oneself with a...
ítstec, ítstemc, male blue grouse
itc sleep
íswell loon
ístke winter
íq̓wtsne shave oneself
íq̓wtsetn razor
íq̓wke7 dragnet
íq̓w-u,-es fish with a dragnet
íq̓me bone of lower...
íq̓-e, íq̓es, or íq̓wes scrape the hairs off...
íp̓-em, íp̓es squeeze
ípes apron
imts grandchild
imne whinny
ímne neigh, call (of loon)
íllen, íllens eat
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 2, showing 25 record(s) out of 31 total

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