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ck̓memek hillside
k (e) a, some, any. See...
k(e)swel rawhide bag carried...
k7ep sick (k7ap re...
k7et̓ lifted up/off
k7ew gone far away
ke7ce7éy̓e stepmother
kéces it gives
kécmes give away
kecteke give it to me!...
kectés give to, to present...
kek.wel̓c move away
kek7é7p sickly
kéke7 elder sister (child...
keke7úl̓ecw far place
kekéc elder sister
kekék7wel̓c move away
kekekín̓ go slowly
kekékstsne speak softly
kekékstsneme, kekékstsne7 you whisper (speak...
kekéku7 kind of far off
kekékwuw farther apart
Kekeleípem to follow
kekelép-e,-es follow
kekelepetwécw pattern
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 22, showing 25 record(s) out of 528 total

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