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preview Word Translation
kek̓ém very close
kek̓etmétwecw near each other
kek̓etwécw close together
kék̓me7ll almost
kék̓melc to creep
kek̓mel̓c sneaky way; creeping...
kék̓mel̓c tiptoe, sneak up,...
kek̓tesq̓t time of woman's...
kelc hand
kelcméke7s branches
kélens chase away, expel...
kelép-e, -es follow, chase
KelíÒeíne to listen, learn...
kelkélc hands
kelkel̓cne spread the legs apart
kelkes delouse
kelklets grasshopper
kélkne look for 'bugs'...
kell7úpekst thirty
kellells three (animals)
kellés three
kelles t̓e sqwext one yard
kelléses three
kellew̓s separated, divorced;...
kellkekikllen̓te to take apart
preview Word Translation

Page 3 of 22, showing 25 record(s) out of 528 total

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