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kellkíkll-e7,-e7s (E kellkekíkll-) take apart
kellkíklle7tmes taken apart
kellkíllentmes take away
kellk̓állt drip
kellpekstmes drop, let go of
kellqín̓-e,-s open, take lid off
kellúse three parts
kelúcw sound of galloping...
kelwíle gather lichen
kéne? do what?, do stg.,...
kenkekne black bear
kenméllcw bear den, "n" helps...
kenmellts̓e bear meat
kenmey̓lek̓ (E keken) bear skin
kenmíts̓e (E keken) bear skin
kentíne leather bag carried...
kepétkwe hangover
kepey̓e pretend to be sick
kepkepstes feel bad about stg.
képkept sore, hurting
kepkeptwílc painful
keptsínmes insult
kep̓ekst fingerring
kep̓éne earring
kep̓entwecwsts clip together
preview Word Translation

Page 4 of 22, showing 25 record(s) out of 528 total

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