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kesenwens miss, become aware...
kesep too far,...
keses (having lasted) for...
keskestsín speak softly
keskík̓se break off twigs for...
kesksewt living far away...
kespésel̓p̓ lamp or fire gets low
kests do what with stg.? ...
ket-és, -ém touch
ketkít̓cnem̓ thin out a tree
ketqítq̓e strawberry
ketsctsín have one's voice...
ketscús arrive (of...
ketsentsín find (bear) in den,...
ketsenwécwsts join together
ketsketsets̓ull whirligig beetle
ketsnépes go and contradict...
kets̓tmews veer off (avoiding...
ket̓entsút get oneself dirty
ket̓menst get up
kewelc went away
kewelcsts (re)move stg.
kéwku sagebrush (Artemisia...
kí7ce mother
kic older sister
preview Word Translation

Page 5 of 22, showing 25 record(s) out of 528 total

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