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preview Word Translation
kikékit sparrowhawk
kikékyelc spread wings...
kikeyt goshawk, chickenhawk
kikíÒst being bad
kikiyéneten earrings
kíkwe valerian Valeriana...
kikyé7e grandmothers
kikyéne earring
kík̓7et close second in race
kik̓éy dead silence,...
kik̓ey̓t everybody gone,...
kik̓st being bad
kik̓yeye small bird (bunting?)
kíll.le7cwu clear land
kille, killens, kllentés take off (clothes),...
kíllentmes taken away
kíllin̓e remove animals from...
kínk̓et dangerous, iffy
kín̓ket precarious (e.g....
KíÒwetem to walk
kíp̓-e, -es pinch together
kíp̓ke7 clothespin
kisatkwe ugly tasting water
kítcwes when it reaches
kitsc reach, get...
preview Word Translation

Page 6 of 22, showing 25 record(s) out of 528 total

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