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kitscsts take stg. to...
kítses reach, visit
kíts̓ens avoid eating (taboo...
kít̓-e, -ens tear off with force
kít̓et (buttons) have come off
kiyéy r tmicw getting cold
kíucws covet, envy
klép̓qne curl one's hair
klép̓t curled
kllekst let go of one's hold
kllekstmecwes let it go
kllekstmes drop, let go of,...
kllep come off/out
kllew̓s-e,-es divide, split up
klléw̓sete divide
klley̓ne remove animals from...
kllílke visit someone for...
kllmin̓ten harpoon pole
kllu7sélt̓ split up (fighting...
klu7stwécwmes divide among...
kmúte sound made by willow...
knecwékse7s give sb. a hand
knet to touch; touching
knip̓-e,-es squeeze, crowd sb.
knúcw-u,-es help
preview Word Translation

Page 7 of 22, showing 25 record(s) out of 528 total

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