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knúcwete help him/them
knucwetsút helps himself
knucwetwécw work together, help...
knúcwme helper
knúcwmes is helped, that helps
knúcwten helper, midwife
knúcwtens helper
kóso pig
ktsus -em, -ens to pile up (wood)
kts̓ewecw cross
kts̓ewecwes bless sb. with the...
kts̓ús-e,-es pile up (wood)
kt̓ep come off (as button)
ku... (with short u) See...
kú7pece D K porcupine
kucén go far
kucmép area above sexeltqín
kukste7úymes take/carry/throw too...
kukstemc thank you
kukw l. In (c) héqen kukw...
kúkwe, kúkwem say what? say stg.
kukwíw slip, slide; slippery
kukwíw̓ce slip
kúkwpi7 chief
kuk̓we7ém See k̓wetés, "to chew"
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Page 8 of 22, showing 25 record(s) out of 528 total

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