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preview Word Translation
kuk̓wiw-cten,-cne,-ce Ski, to ski or slip...
kúme See kwekúme, "to...
kúmelc come out of the...
kúmests put ashore
kumews wide (of water)
kúp-e,-es push
kupcén̓ foot slips
kúpi master (as of dog)
kupíke7, kupíken̓ slide
kup̓s curved twig to hold...
kup̓s stick along top of...
kúsens gather up (as curtain)
kúte watch it!, careful
kútse go down from the...
kúts̓-e,-es,-is push away (a...
kútwen eel
kuw-úm,-etes shove, slide
kuwépem slide down (of person)
ḱuwéte to walk
kuwílc slide down (of person)
kuwíl̓ep, kuwil̓epme to slide (as...
kw(c)tellp bulrush, cattail...
kw(e)tellp bulrush, cattail...
kw7al spoiled (of food)
kwak̓wle7t, kwahk̓wlah7t stagger
preview Word Translation

Page 9 of 22, showing 25 record(s) out of 528 total

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