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tektétke gather hay in small...
qwepqépe have a "haunting"...
k̓yey cold (weather),freezing
k̓wyúse suffer, have a hard...
k̓wyetsetsítse7 (w) * narrow-necked (bottle)
k̓wyépne jaw
k̓wyekstmes torture
k̓wsicw goose
k̓wsel̓tkten relative
k̓wseltktnéws friends
k̓wséltkten cousins, relatives,...
k̓wsecwést̓ye goosegrass
k̓woyí7ese small, few, a little
k̓wmetns, Kwemelltímc send person
k̓winc how many?
k̓wimemúm̓lecw small place
k̓wimemím̓nek smallbore firearm
k̓wimemém̓elcke small (person or...
k̓wicwt turned loose; untangled
k̓wícwt turned loose; untangled
k̓wícw-u,-es turn (animals)...
k̓weyt covered with hoar-frost
k̓wewetens See k'uwétens, "to...
k̓wetsútse "I said", "sez I"...
k̓wetés chew
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Page 1 of 22, showing 25 record(s) out of 528 total

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