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ḱuwéte to walk
k̓wellk̓etsín "collar" of Shuswap...
k̓wetsútse "I said", "sez I"...
k̓ule "made" things
k̓7em "to put, place(one...
kwen̓le (act as a) midwife,
kít̓et (buttons) have come off
keses (having lasted) for...
kwewen̓s (E en̓w) (manage to) catch
kwet̓penwéllen̓, kwet̓pewéllen̓ (manage to) get away
kwyetsk̓elc (people) milling around
kwyetsk̓t (people) milling around
k̓well- (prefix) below, down...
kewelcsts (re)move stg.
ku... (with short u) See...
k (e) a, some, any. See...
k̓estiyetsút act badly
kwoyí7ese te ctsetsetqín̓ce acute angle
kwekwel7ellp alder Alnus incana
kwle7ellp (elso a) alder Alnus incana
kék̓me7ll almost
kwutús, tikumtús always
kwutús, tikumtús always
kwemtím̓ always *
kekemém̓kst always grabbing and...
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Page 1 of 22, showing 25 record(s) out of 528 total

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