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l-q̓7es t̓e qelmúcw people of long ago
l7ep̓ bent down (as branch...
l7igw thaw, open up (of ice)
l7ix sober up
l7uts̓ getting tight
lats̓-e,-es moisten with spittle
le the, a (sometimes...
le q̓7éses long time ago
le tsímelles at first, or for the...
le7 good (la7 re...
le7sts do stg. well, treat...
lecélqu * well-shaped
lecétkwe good water
lecéye have good luck
leceyests bring sb. good luck
leculecw nice place
lecúl̓ecw good place
lecús pretty
legeg dragging
legém, legetés haul
legétkwe7ten fishing line
leglegíge, leglegígem packrat,...
legmeqín-e,-s drag (a person)
legmíns drag stg. behind one
legpúplecw sleigh like (halter)
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Page 1 of 15, showing 25 record(s) out of 360 total

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