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preview Word Translation
ll7at̓ getting wet, becomes...
ll7egw melt, thaw (of snow...
ll7ip (E e) getting baggy
ll7um See llentés, "to...
llakwekw cloppity-clop (sound...
llakye7 stuff, belongings,...
llatpiye7 to water plants
llát̓ens soak
llát̓ens soak, get stg....
llát̓le7cwu irrigate
llat̓ól̓ecw wet ground
llcum See llcwetés, "to...
llcup hanging
llcupt hung up
llcústen̓ globe of kerosine lamp
llcústn mask
llcwen̓ktn stick put through...
llcwetes put on (clothes)
llcwilc foggy
llcwínek bullsnake
llecw-u,-es patch up (clothes)
llecwllecwlíl̓e watersnail
llecwp-úm,-etes (E elso llícwp-u,-es) hang up
llecwqín̓s close, put lid on
llecwqín̓tn cover, lid
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 9, showing 25 record(s) out of 212 total

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