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preview Word Translation
llegllégt fleet of foot,...
llégwens to remove tree bark
llegwes remove treebark
llegwlléllegwpet fall in flakes (snow)
llegwllgwíl̓c Do bounce up and down
llegwpeles to lose something
llegwts crushed berries
llégwtses he/she/it/they crush...
llegwtsete [you] crush [the...
llekek (also lleqaq)...
llekekék pelt down
lleképemc Thompson Indians
llekllekmusekste7 cross one's arms
llekllek̓ple7ces skin starting from...
llekméw̓es bone game(lehél)
llekmew̓s, llekmew̓es play slehal
llekwekwéw (sound of heavy...
llekwllkúk̓wpt thistle
llekwllúk̓w remember
llekwmin̓s to remember
llek̓wmewen̓s remember, think of,...
llek̓wmín-e,-s think of (not...
llek̓wmíns to think of (not...
llék̓wpekst get a sliver in...
llell7út stung (by thorns,...
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Page 2 of 9, showing 25 record(s) out of 212 total

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