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preview Word Translation
llxwilc cut across field or...
llxwetes pass stg. through a...
llxwépe to thread a needle
llxwep-e7,-e7s thread a needle; C...
llxup escape get away (sing.)
llxúmec puberty (of boy or...
llxum See llxwetés, "to...
llwetés See llgwetés, "to...
llweq peel away
llwélsten fall, autumn
llwell left behind, left alone
llwélente it was left
llwélens abandon, to leave
llúxwke7 awl, piercer
llutst to crackle (of bush,...
llúqwtn bailer (in canoe)
llúqwlecw dirt
llúqwlecw earth/dirt
llúqwlecw ground, soil, dirt
lluqwelucw soil/dirt
llúqlecw ground, soil
lluqém, lluqetés pry loose, peel away
llúmye catch a fish on a...
llúmllkwe eat soup
llúmkwe sip broth
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 9, showing 25 record(s) out of 212 total

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