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preview Word Translation
m- prefix indicating...
m7ekw (E e) getting blunt
m7ell easing up, E feel...
m7ey (getting) close by...
m7ixw melting
m7uts rise, high (of water)
m7ut̓ clouds come thick...
málecwu make a certain kind...
malelc turn away, get away...
malt deerlick
malt lick salt (of deer)
mánte canvas
máts̓pe7 wasp, blackjacket
mat̓elc lie down (plur.)
mat̓elcsts take (children) to bed
me7 Prefix indicating...
me7 ta7 e sle7s will not be good
me7 tk̓weclltiyénecu how old will he be?
me7e yes
me7stemews brothers, sisters...
mece7 sliver in foot
mececye7 small birchbark basket
mecey̓e See mecécye7(small...
mecíke7 floated (esp. of ice)
meckst sliver in hand
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 8, showing 25 record(s) out of 198 total

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