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preview Word Translation
mect have a sliver,...
mégce moon
megcenetkwe moon reflection in...
megwt hum (as swarm of bees)
mekw7úses cover sb.'s face
mekwmékw (E a) blunt
mekwmékwem chew without teeth
mek̓p testicle
meláme medicine
melámes to bless, baptize,...
melcécqe7 pitch of the cottonwood
melcém dance
melcem kick
melcetés he/she kicks it
melcey̓úpe7 kick the feet in the...
melcúl̓ecwu kicking into the ground
melemállcw paint a house
melemay̓lek̓-u,-es tan a hide (by...
melemél̓e (E lem) have one's child...
melénllp "balsam tree",...
melénllpál̓tecw balsam-tree bark
melénllpéke7 boughs of the balsam...
melenllptlecw balsam tree bark
melép In ta7 k smelaps...
melest̓i7í7elt wolf's cub
preview Word Translation

Page 2 of 8, showing 25 record(s) out of 199 total

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