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melést̓ye wolf
melet(word is probably mémlet) shadow flashes by
melkwens to gather up (as...
melk̓úm See melk̓wetés, to...
melk̓wcíts suspect; gather...
melk̓wetés collect into one...
melk̓wilc people gather
melk̓wilc, plek̓wílc, pluk̓wilc gather (of people)
melk̓wílcwes people gather
melk̓wpákst dislocate one's wrist
melk̓wyénst tuck in one's blanket
mell already
mell-ém, entés throw down a hill or...
mell7úpekst forty
méllelc rest, relaxing
méllens give sb. a rest
mellép lose one's footing...
melléq collapsed, flattened...
mellmellkste7 rest one's hands
mellq-ém, -etés tflatten out, crush...
mellqém, mellqetés to flatten, out,...
melltmécwu put a bearhead in...
mellts̓wen̓ cure salmon by...
melmalqw-u,-es paint, dye
melmal̓qw-u,-es to dye
preview Word Translation

Page 3 of 8, showing 25 record(s) out of 199 total

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