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melmál̓qwete color it
melmál̓qwten crayons
melmél-e, -ens pacify (a child),...
melmeltéllp white poplar Populus...
melmél̓kses disturb (in physical...
melmilens to divide up
mélqes pacify (a child)
méme7 mother
memelcém, or melcéce kick about
memelk̓úm try hard
mémelt whitefish
memeltéllp See melmeltallp...
memémus couple (male and...
memén shady
memenep shade under tree,...
memenulecw shady place
memenúl̓ecw shady spot ( word...
memerpcen̓ legs shake?
meméws couple (human male...
memeye7 to teach prayers br
mémle necklace
mem̓céllp large basket carried...
mem̓qelt protect young
menék excrements
preview Word Translation

Page 4 of 8, showing 25 record(s) out of 199 total

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