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menéke to defecate
meníle feed one's...
meníp harpoon
menmenép shade under stg.
Menmenuílecw shady spot
mentsq̓ú7 (elso úl̓e,úllen) pelican
meqse7 uncle (woman's...
meq̓ full from eating
mescén four-legged animals
mescén̓ animals (4-legged)
mesmescném inch forward feeling...
mesténs try out
mestentsút try one's best
mesúl̓ecw four places
metc-úm,-wetés lay in a big supply...
metcwílc prepare a store of food
mete/met̓e together with
metéke give him/her food
metemí7 remain seated,...
metép sit under or at the...
metéq dented
metés feed
metíke7 sit on the ice (sing.)
metk̓úm See metk̓wetés (to...
metk̓wépes slip off a child's...
preview Word Translation

Page 5 of 8, showing 25 record(s) out of 199 total

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