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metk̓wetes slip stg. off
metk̓wpús (e7) rope slips from...
metmát soft (as butter)
metmet̓ús kidneys
metól blood gets thick;...
metqetés dent stg.
metsíke7 flooded (esp. of ice)
metsín sit at the edge
metsín̓ sit at the doorstep
metskwéllp bush of the metsukw...
metsmets̓ (es) múll cheater
metsmets̓ (es) múll cheater
metsúkw wild loganberry,...
mets̓c dodge
mets̓e pack meat of game...
mets̓úllt pus
mets̓ús-e,-es to cheat
mets̓úse7 put cream on one's face
metúk̓w slipped off (of stg....
mét̓-e, -ens mix
met̓élc duck away, to roost,...
met̓elcál̓k̓ lie down to sleep...
mét̓entmes mixed with
met̓enwécw mix together
met̓ke7 mixer
preview Word Translation

Page 6 of 8, showing 25 record(s) out of 199 total

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