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mét̓ke7 baking powder
met̓t mixed(state of being...
mexúp covering of snow on...
mexwétkwe7 melt snow (to obtain...
mexwpúplecw first snow
mey-e, -es bring closer
méyelc move nearby
méyelc move a little...
migw (sound of the wind)
migwt meow (of kitten), E ...
mígwu meow (of kitten)
míkwes (mikwens also acceptable) chip
míl-e, -ens divide up
milcts/melcíts give sb. his share
mílem to divide up
mimcw to move place of...
mimey close by
mimíns approach, get close to
mimúy supple
mim̓c large basket, birch...
míq̓wet sagging (as stockings)
mítk̓ye blood
mits̓.sqexe7: met.sqexe7 animal feed
míxw-u,-es melt
mlcecllcw small lodging made...
preview Word Translation

Page 7 of 8, showing 25 record(s) out of 199 total

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