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myukw broken (without...
myeq have one's knees...
muy̓qs hoop of fishnet
múytse fit (a branch)...
múyete bend it
múye, nígwes bend
múye, múyes bend (stg. elastic)
mut̓t squeezed out
mút̓-e,-ens squeeze out
mut at home, be camped,...
músetmes feel it with the hand
mús-e,-es feel (with the hand)
mus four
mums four (animals)
mulqs drink immediately...
múle mule
mulc cottonwood, poplar...
mu7 cone-shaped weir,...
mólelc lie down (plur.)
mol-e,-ens put down (plur.)
mluqw sprain
mlokw out of joint
mlenllp balsam
mlcew̓ll Cottonwood bark canoe
mlcecllcw small lodging made...
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Page 1 of 8, showing 25 record(s) out of 199 total

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