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melénllp "balsam tree",...
m7ey (getting) close by...
migw (sound of the wind)
mell already
mits̓.sqexe7: met.sqexe7 animal feed
mescén̓ animals (4-legged)
mimíns approach, get close to
mut at home, be camped,...
mét̓ke7 baking powder
mlenllp balsam
melenllptlecw balsam tree bark
melénllpál̓tecw balsam-tree bark
múye, nígwes bend
múye, múyes bend (stg. elastic)
múyete bend it
mítk̓ye blood
metól blood gets thick;...
mekwmékw (E a) blunt
melénllpéke7 boughs of the balsam...
mey-e, -es bring closer
myukw broken (without...
me7stemews brothers, sisters...
metskwéllp bush of the metsukw...
mánte canvas
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Page 1 of 8, showing 25 record(s) out of 199 total

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