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n- See c- "c-" and...
n7ék̓tes it changes
n7eq̓ rotten (of food)
n7ikw ripples on the water
n7oy bent
n7ullcw ne nekect enter into the forest
nae some day; once in a...
ne on(to), in(to), to(a...
ne est̓íl̓es r c7ukwe7éw̓el bus stop
ne kelles third
ne mus fourth
ne pehé7e when
ne seséle second
ne7ék̓es changes (salmon)
ne7élye here. Course 12:1,2
ne7éne right here
ne7úllcw enter the forest
ne7úllcwes enters the forest
nec7ekw7yén̓sten toothpick
necálenkten wallpaper
necál̓stn curtains
necécp̓elc flap the wings
necelclánk steep (slope) side hill
Necelclánk steep place above...
necelclánkes when its steep
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 9, showing 25 record(s) out of 211 total

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