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necen7ústen window-(pane)
necetsíke7 scorch one's back
necetsítske7 scorch one's back
necetstém̓ bottom of pan gets...
necet̓ectsín groan
necet̓elceles kneel on the floor
necet̓petkwe meet an obstruction...
necíykw-u,-es stir a liquid
necíy̓es rummage for stg....
neckukwéne away from road
necmetkw-e7,-e7s put (parts of weir)...
necneleses spread stg. out on...
necnélestn floor-covering
necnústn̓ window
necsisyéqse feel a sneeze coming
necúcwkwel̓c slip out of (a...
nécume isn't that right?,...
necúy̓es empty out (as handbag)
necw7ús star that often...
necwcuk̓wyén̓stn toothpick
necwecweqín suddenly, without...
necwek̓mellcw drying shed
necwemí7 knocked out, in a...
necwemí7sts kill
necwetes believe
preview Word Translation

Page 2 of 9, showing 25 record(s) out of 211 total

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