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preview Word Translation
necwetpépel̓qs end of story
necwetpíl̓t stop having children
necwetpsúp̓ out of breath
necwetsín-e, -s snatch away food
necweyes lose sb.'s...
necwéymes feel bad about (a...
necwéyt sorry, saddened...
necwík̓me7 drying rack for salmon
necwitétkwe to fall into the water
necwmelltá7e good-for-nothing
necwnecwtsín loud
necwyéwt sorry, sad
negwílc,-mes hide (from)
nehé7e where? Course 12:1,2
nekéct thicket, brushy...
nekéctwílc to get grown over
nekép grease obtained by...
nekllts̓7sqexe7 horse
nekník̓es cut into small...
neknin̓k̓es to cut into many pieces
néks-e,-es put cream on the face
nektenhé7e which direction
nekú7ses Once more
nekúk̓w7e one (animal)
nekuwellcw (e) sing when leaving on...
preview Word Translation

Page 3 of 9, showing 25 record(s) out of 211 total

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