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nek̓wu7s ones
nellts̓aye small type of owl
nemnemúll prone to (sexual)...
nen(e) over there
nenen̓s take a while, E ...
nénut breeze
nen̓s to move over
nepeq̓wmín gunpowder
neputem to emerge from the...
nepút̓e7 emerge from the...
nepwén Stonies (a tribe)
neqeq̓se7ll (E su7lle) ice fishing
neqéy-e, -es wound
neqeyt wound
neqwtseq death in the...
neq̓-úm,-wetes steal
neq̓cén diseased feet (horse)
neq̓ílc,-mes look back (at)
neq̓wtsemetkwe swipe a drink; to...
neq̓wtsíne steal food
nereri recently, not long...
neréy there (near person...
nerí7 there, that, at that...
nes go, go along, also...
nesípwes (nesíwpes) demand payment on...
preview Word Translation

Page 5 of 9, showing 25 record(s) out of 211 total

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