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preview Word Translation
nesménst go to the doctor
nésmes go up to or after...
nesmestsút go to the doctor...
nesqwéqwelt go and hear if there...
nests take stg. somewhere
nesúlecw able to go
nesúl̓ecw able to go
netit̓yíne7t stubborn
netsq̓emnús-e,-es throw in the fire
néwelc run
newelcús walk along the edge...
newí7 In re 7newí7"you...
newíselqw high timber
newt wind blows
newt.s, -ts cause a wind to blow
nexéll to be afraid
nexéll-ke I am scared
nexellt be afraid
nexéllxellt scary, unsafe
nexelmes to be afraid of
nexelqéqqstcen̓ round tip of thighbone
nexelstes scare
nexelstsut afraid or nervous or...
nexelstsútmes scared of sb. (in...
nexeqkelltíÒse selfish
preview Word Translation

Page 6 of 9, showing 25 record(s) out of 211 total

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