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preview Word Translation
nexeqkellts̓e selfish
nexestem̓ rocky canyon
nexestenk shale rock mountainside
nexéwqs,-ens,-is sharpen (a point)
nexéwu thirsty
nexexelstés scare
nexexelúll cowardly
nexexyetkwe boiling water
nexipetkwe fluid in kettle is...
nexitném go on a honeymoon trip
nexixyétkwe hot water in kettle
Nexleíwsten bridge
nexlew̓s bridge
nexléw̓sten bridge
nexlew̓stn bridge
nexutém̓ dry up inside (as...
nexúwellq̓wel̓t have a dry throat
nexwenxwsqéxe7; nexnexwsqéxe7 mare
nexwestqín run downhill (sing.)
nexwestsín foam at the mouth
nexwet̓mem̓llp bush (unid., small...
nexwéykwe drown (plur.)
nexwéysts empty, drink all
nexwéyt empty
nexwey̓tse out of grub
preview Word Translation

Page 7 of 9, showing 25 record(s) out of 211 total

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