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preview Word Translation
nuxwsts ride (a horse) at a...
núxwexw woman
nuxw gallop, run
nute7úy there is a hard wind
núnxwexw girl
nún(e) over there, yonder....
númes accuse (esp. one's...
num jealous (esp. of...
num jealousy (between...
nukwll * even (emphatic)
nukw approximately: now,...
nucwetsés gain trust
nu7 over there (invisible).
nts̓lewt standing amongst the...
nts̓e7sqéxe7 horse
NtíÒslewt standing amongst the...
nóy-e, -es bend
nkwewellcwu to sing root digging...
nik̓wike pair
nik̓t cut (of knife), be cut
nik̓pem, nik̓pes to cut down (a tree)
ník̓p-e7,-e7s fall (tree) by sawing
ník̓le7cwete disc the soil
nik̓le7cw-u disc the land
ník̓e to cut, saw
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 9, showing 25 record(s) out of 211 total

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