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nek̓wu7 t̓e scenc 1000
nesúlecw able to go
nesúl̓ecw able to go
númes accuse (esp. one's...
nexelstsut afraid or nervous or...
nukw approximately: now,...
nek̓wpal̓cke arthritis, rheumatism
nek̓ú7eses at times
neckukwéne away from road
nexellt be afraid
necwetes believe
nóy-e, -es bend
n7oy bent
nígwet bent
nexexyetkwe boiling water
necetstém̓ bottom of pan gets...
nénut breeze
Nexleíwsten bridge
nexlew̓s bridge
nexléw̓sten bridge
nexlew̓stn bridge
ne est̓íl̓es r c7ukwe7éw̓el bus stop
nexwet̓mem̓llp bush (unid., small...
nexwiqínem cabin fever
newt.s, -ts cause a wind to blow
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Page 1 of 9, showing 25 record(s) out of 211 total

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