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pecwmíns tired of stg., have...
pecwpénk bloated belly
pecwt tasteless
pegpegllíle wild buckwheat...
pegpégt grey,faded, pale,
pegpgúl̓ecw unwatered soil
pegpgúpye7 plant (unid.)
pegpgús paleface
pegs-e,-es powder the face
pegwpegwtsne, cpegwpég̓wtsne knock on the door
pegwpepegwt tin can
pegwp̓ígw disappointed
pehé7e when? Course 12:1,2
pehén ever: ta7 pehén...
peki buggy
pekllen bitter cherry Prunus...
pekllnúse7 cherries
pekpék̓.kstme7 or pekpék̓stme7 warm ones's hands
pekúkw spilled, scattered,...
pekwmín-e,-s scatter, spill, sow
pél-e, ens spread out (esp. to...
pelít lie down
pelkúm puff smoke, take a puff
pelk̓-ém, -etés roll stg. over, ...
pelk̓ílc roll over
preview Word Translation

Page 2 of 15, showing 25 record(s) out of 360 total

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