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preview Word Translation
pelk̓meke7 spatula
pell- having, possessing,...
pellc.wewletn month (May?)
pellc7ell7úllcwtn month (nov.?)
pellcken̓emtn who is of use (in...
pellctsíkentn month (Sept.?)
pellcwecwyeyut debt, owing
pellgeyúye7 place where carrots...
pellkwet̓mín month (Jan. ?)
pelltclél̓cte month (Aug.?)
pelltent̓éne having ears (ta7...
pelltetíq̓e month (Nov. ?)
pelltíq̓t Clinton
pelltkeleyitn month (March?)
pelltpetsk month (April?)
pelltsek̓úlecwtn month (April?)
pelltsqwéqwye7c Indian paintbrush...
pellts̓íl̓tn having stg. like...
pellt̓exelctn month (Aug. ?)
pellt̓exlcten august
pelpal-e, -ens smear, smudge
pelpík̓es turn plur. objects ...
pelpstés he lost it
pelp̓elél̓en̓ small pieces of bark
pelqentsút masturbate
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Page 3 of 15, showing 25 record(s) out of 360 total

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