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pelqúm See pelqwetés( to...
pelq̓-em, -etés return something, ...
pelq̓etkwe back eddy
pelq̓ilc return
pelq̓ye7meqs somersault, to fall...
pelstentsút kill yourself
peltsín lie by the shore
peltsín̓ lie near the edge of...
pel̓cemíns stumble over stg.
pel̓cwp̓íst fly up with stg. (as...
pel̓tspeq̓ remain stuck to stg.
pemíns find
pen7ene at that time. Course...
pen̓sqéxe7 find one's...
pépe7 father
pepe7sestye brackenfern...
pepelk̓íy̓es turn plur. objects...
pepelq̓íl̓c go back and forth
pepén find
pepépxe7t/pllellt thick, thin
pepép̓xe7t thin (layer)
pepep̓xet7úy to thin
pepíp̓7ese worm, caterpillar
pepséllkwe small lake
peptnén̓tkwllp hemlock...
preview Word Translation

Page 4 of 15, showing 25 record(s) out of 360 total

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