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pept̓nel̓tcw tule
pept̓nén̓tkwllp hemlock Tsuga...
pep̓e7sellp rattlesnake
pep̓e7sen̓k tapeworm
pep̓e7sest̓ye bracken fern...
pep̓e7súsle7cw earthworm
pep̓í7se snake
pep̓ú7u stinkbug
peq listen to/learn...
péqe get mouldy
peqeqín have grey hair
peqpeqmíce waves have white heads
peqpeqqín̓ye gray jay,...
peqpíq flour
peqpqúlecw watered soil
peqqín̓ bald eagle,...
peqsts See tpeqsts, "to...
peqstsut "that's what you...
PequíílíÒecw to sight-see
peqúl̓ecw look over the terrain
peqw7úy look with rapt...
peqwp̓qwey̓ bush (unid., similar...
peq̓wmín gunpowder
per-e, -es cool off
perelc cool off (body)
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Page 5 of 15, showing 25 record(s) out of 360 total

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