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perétkwe7 cooled-off water
per̓elkwes cool off a fluid
pes- having done, who has...
pescwícwe month (Sept. ?)
pesecew̓stn twine
pésellkwe lake
peske7 water on top of the...
peskene success (in negative...
peskúkwye having cub(s), colt,...
pesle7cw there is water in...
pésle7cwu to water, irrigate
pesllwel(t)ste month (Oct. ?)
pesnúl̓tn ryegrass Elymus...
pespás loose, untied
pespepépsellkwe small ponds
pespepíp̓7ese insects, worms
pespepséllkwe little lakes, ponds
pespésellkwe lakes (plural)
pesqepts month (Feb.?)
pestemllík month (July.?)
pestewt area beyond the river
pests̓ellt last night
pesúten possessor
pesxemekst (elso elm) west wind
pesxíxne/pesxíxle Chilcotin Indians
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Page 6 of 15, showing 25 record(s) out of 360 total

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