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pesxqel̓qeltec month (June?)
pét-e, -ens splice rope; take...
peták potatoes
petáq potatoes
petat̓ overflow, boil over,...
petek7úw̓i Do kind of potatoes...
petel̓k̓e (sting) gets caught...
petetét̓, petetét boil, bubble
petkúm See petkwetés, "to...
petkwen̓kete opened, as deer stomach
petkwéten needle
petkwetn needle
petne7aws partners
petne7éws sharing partners
petpénye last/next year: ne...
petpetát̓ hives on skin; or...
petpítkwes makes holes in it
pets -em, -ens to trample down( as...
pétse digging stick, root ...
petskwpíke break one's back
petsptsekllúll.lecw spiraea Spiraea...
petsptsetskll wild ginger
petsqwentes to break off (as...
petsq̓wetes break off (as branch)
petsúm See petsq̓wetés, "to...
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Page 7 of 15, showing 25 record(s) out of 360 total

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